May. 24th, 2008 06:36 pm
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have you ever written a letter to yourself, intending to open it in 6 months, or a year, or 10 years? i've done it once. when i was about 18, i wrote a letter to myself from a kibbutz in israel, and posted it to myself in london. i received it a few months later. nothing much had changed in those few months, but it still felt weird hearing this voice, my voice, from the past.

imagine receiving a letter from yourself from the future. you could give yourself all kinds of useful information - lottery numbers, sports results, major disasters... you could set yourself up for life (presuming you believed yourself), except, then if you acted upon your own advice, it would change your future, and you might never have sent yourself that letter to the past, so you wouldn't have had the insider knowledge, and...

i'm sure you're all well versed in time travel paradox, so i won't go on with that train of thought, suffice it to say that the only possible outcome would be the universe coming apart at the seams. the end of all time and space.

well, this week i received a letter from myself from the future. The senders details, as listed in the top right hand corner of the letter, read:

Mr Danielbethany
Island Hut 10
Port Of Paradise
The Bahamas N-3000

the letter reads as follows:

Hi Daniel,
This will come as a bit of a surprise. But I am you, 29 years in the future, that is. Thanks to you, I now live a life of ease.

In 2008, you see, you made a decision to increase your super contributions. I know everyone is different, but in my case not only did it reduce your (my) tax bill, but it also gave me (you) the perfect retirement platform to live my life exactly the way you (we) wanted to.

Now, retirement is spent travelling around northern Europe, enjoying strawberries and cream courtside at Wimbledon, and not to mention creating a real splash with the new pool. The neighbours ust love it.

And it is all because of some great decisions made in the past (or is that the present?). I could not have done any of this without you (or is that me?) thinking of your future.


my first thought was "god, the 60 year old me is a bit of a twat". my second though was that if i did not follow this letter to the, er, letter, then i would single handedly destroy the known universe. what was the 60 year old me thinking?!

the strange thing is that this letter seems to have been sent via a financial institution. i have no idea why the 60 year old me would send a letter to the 31 year old me via a financial institution, unless financial institutions have a monopoly on time travel devices (actually, that would make a lot of sense...).

also, why would 60 year old me use such a crap font? and why is the letter dated "19 May 2008"? i am suspicious.


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