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thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nixwilliams, my website, katzette, now has a syndicated lj feed! hoorah!

if you feel that way inclined, you can follow it here.

or you can just go to the website and get the rss direct from there. if you're into that kind of thing.

went to the sydney road street party today with [livejournal.com profile] nixwilliams and [livejournal.com profile] johnnypurple. there are bits of the festival i really like, but i find the crowds rather stressful - especially the hordes of Young People screaming around. and the hipsters - oh the hipsters!

but we spent most of the afternoon sitting in the penny black waiting for the spoils to play (they eventually came on stage about an hour after they were originally meant to). whilst waiting, we got to see the scores, an enthusiastic, skinny rock band who were, you know, quite good, and another band whose name i didn't catch, and who were very serious, very young and, in the case of their drummer, very bored (at least, she looked thoroughly bored).

then the spoils came on and did their awesome thing they do. and now i am tired and achey. but happy to be sitting at home. how are you?
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Here, have a video of Adam Buxton in character as Ken Corda describing Joss Stone's self made and non-studio supported video clip for her song Baby, Baby, Baby. It's... odd.

Of Course

Jan. 30th, 2010 11:23 am
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inspired by [livejournal.com profile] dear_prudence, i am posting a list of courses i can apply for in the uk, for my own reference. I will update this page as I whittle down the options. here we go:

*Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Information & Library Studies.
*Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Information Management.

*MSc Econ / PG Dip Information & Library Studies.

*MSc Econ / PG Dip Information Management. 

*MSc Econ / PG Dip Management of Libraries and Information Services. 

*MSc Econ Information Systems. 

*MSc Econ / PG Dip Records Management.

*MA Information Studies.


*MSc Information & Library Management.

University of Glasgow
*MSc Information Management and Preservation (Digital)
*MSc Information Management and Preservation (Archives & Records Management).

The University of Strathclyde
*Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Information and Library Studies.
*Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Information Management.

*Postgraduate Diploma / MSc Information Studies.

*Postgraduate Diploma/MA/MSc Information and Library Management.

*Postgraduate Diploma/MA/MSc Information and Library Management
*Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Information and Knowledge Management 
*MSc Electronic Publishing


*MA/PG Dip Library and Information Management.

*MSc/PG Dip Information Management.

*MA/MSc/PG Dip Information & Library Management.
*MA/MSc/PG Dip Records Management.

*MA Librarianship.

*MSc Information Management. 

*MSc Information Systems.
*MSc Electronic and Digital Library Management.

plenty to think about, there.

The Lice

Jan. 20th, 2010 10:49 pm
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Here, have a recently discovered alternate version of Blackbird as sung by Paul MacCartney. Honest.

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yesterday, i went to see the film nowhere boy. i quite enjoyed it - it had good performances and good music (why isn't there more skiffle music around these days?), but there were a couple of cheesy beatles film cliches, and i pretty much knew the story, so i wasn't blown away by it.

you can also sort of see the director falling in love with the star throughout the film - the camera got up close and personal with him a number of times.

anyway, whilst in a beatles mode, i stumbled, coincidentally, across this page, exploring the Beatles music through graphics.

look behind the cut for some examples )
go to Charting the Beatles for the full images.

there will be a proper project housed at this website eventually, but in the meantime, enjoy the flickr group

just thought i'd share.


p.s. the originals:

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This is from the Electronic Frontiers Australia website:

Electronic Frontiers Australia has today launched a petition against the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy that will be presented to the Senate of the Parliament of Australia.

You can sign the petition electronically by going to the this page and leaving your name, postcode and email address.  Please talk to your friends, family and colleagues about the problems with the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy and encourage them to sign the petition as well.

We are also looking for volunteers to collect printed signatures.  If you are having a meeting or protest against the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy in the coming weeks, we would encourage you to distribute this Senate Internet Censorship Petition to collect as many printed signatures as possible.  There are detailed instructions about collecting signatures, and where to return the printed signatures, here.

Learn more about this petition at http://www.efa.org.au/petition/.

If you have any questions, please email Peter Black: pete.black at efa.org.au.

Thanks for your attention.
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pretty shit day today. i'm incredibly tired after virtually no sleep last night.

good bits:

went to see fantastic mr fox in order to escape the heat, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, with several awesome moments ("that's bad songwriting, petey..."), but was unfortunately rather sexist in an old-fashioned kind of a way.

did have a lovely evening with lovely peeps at a lovely restaurant with lovely food. and lovely sake. nom. i think it is past my bedtime now. but before i go, i wish to rant about this:

why? i want to know who thought this was a good idea. when will zemeckis get over his 3d motion capture obsession? why does this need to be done?

yellow submarine in 3d

it will, however, star cary elwes as george harrison! and peter serafinowicz as paul mccartney!

moving on, this is a red band trailer, i.e. NSFW. it contains violence, swears and a violent sweary little girl. kickass

and also, finally...

COOOOOL CHANGE!!! it's raining! it's 18C!!! last night's overnight low was 32C... sweet relief...


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my lj has been a bit quiet of late - i've neglected it somewhat in favour of twitter. (if you want to follow my twitter, without the inconvenience of actually being on twitter, i've set up this tumblr page which should keep you abreast of all my twitterings.)

the very lovely [livejournal.com profile] dear_prudence made me an icon, so i thought i'd come back to show it off.
[ETA the correct icon!]

what news do i have?

well, my brother's wedding, which was postponed last year, is back on, so we'll be going to london in march.

i am working back at jb, but as a casual, and being the post xmas slump, there are no hours around at the moment (no shifts next week, 1 shift the week after). so i'm trying to sort out a more regular gig, and trying to not spend money. and trying to keep cool. it is far too hot.

today we shall sit as still as possible, watching films and eating chips.

what are you doing?
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I have a new favourite page on the internet: the online abode of the world carrot museum

my favourite pages include:
* carrots in world war 2 (it is only part of the site's History of Carrots section);
*musical instruments! there's an australian band called flutenveg!
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I done a post! Come look! nix & danibeth - Walking Again http://twurl.nl/dm8h7r


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