Jan. 19th, 2010

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This is from the Electronic Frontiers Australia website:

Electronic Frontiers Australia has today launched a petition against the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy that will be presented to the Senate of the Parliament of Australia.

You can sign the petition electronically by going to the this page and leaving your name, postcode and email address.  Please talk to your friends, family and colleagues about the problems with the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy and encourage them to sign the petition as well.

We are also looking for volunteers to collect printed signatures.  If you are having a meeting or protest against the Government’s mandatory Internet filtering policy in the coming weeks, we would encourage you to distribute this Senate Internet Censorship Petition to collect as many printed signatures as possible.  There are detailed instructions about collecting signatures, and where to return the printed signatures, here.

Learn more about this petition at http://www.efa.org.au/petition/.

If you have any questions, please email Peter Black: pete.black at efa.org.au.

Thanks for your attention.
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yesterday, i went to see the film nowhere boy. i quite enjoyed it - it had good performances and good music (why isn't there more skiffle music around these days?), but there were a couple of cheesy beatles film cliches, and i pretty much knew the story, so i wasn't blown away by it.

you can also sort of see the director falling in love with the star throughout the film - the camera got up close and personal with him a number of times.

anyway, whilst in a beatles mode, i stumbled, coincidentally, across this page, exploring the Beatles music through graphics.

look behind the cut for some examples )
go to Charting the Beatles for the full images.

there will be a proper project housed at this website eventually, but in the meantime, enjoy the flickr group

just thought i'd share.


p.s. the originals:


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